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July 15, 2009


Architecture and the digital, the environmental and the avant-garde Susannah Hagan Routledge, 2008. Susanah Hagan discusses the impact of computation on the design of architecture, interrogating the methods of use of the two clearly different groups which have emerged; those …


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June 11, 2009

306090 Dimension

    306090 12 Dimension Emily Abruzzo and Jonathan D. Solomon, eds. Princeton Architectural Press, 2008 306090 is an energetic, diverse, and smart series of books. Each issue considers a theme which might be seen as fundamental to architectural practice. Previous …


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February 19, 2009

Bunker Archeology

   Bunker Archeology Paul Virilio Princeton Architectural Press, 2008 Is it ok to be enthusiastic about bunkers? The images in this book are, in a sense, beautiful. The architecture of Europe’s wartime fortifications resonate deeply with architectural modernism and contemporary …


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December 9, 2008

Constructing Architecture

   Constructing Architecture. Materials Processes Structures. A Handbook. Andrea Deplazes (ed.) Birkhäuser, 2005 Construction handbooks are often fairly dry affairs, but this excellent book is a distinct exception. Edited by a professor at Zürich’s ETH, it takes materiophile approach to …