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November 10, 2013

AAA Tour of Award Winning Buildings 2013 | Review

The recent AAA tour of Award Winning Buildings, as part of Architecture week 2013, took visitors to three NZIA award winning buildings designed by women.

The buildings included were the Scarlet Cottage by Lindley Naismith from Scarlett Architects, the McChanon artist residence in Titirangi by Andrea Bell from Bossely Architects, and the Landscape School at Unitec by Ginny Pedlow from Mitchell Stout Architects.

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The tour went off without a hitch, visitors were introduced to the building by the project architects, and given exclusive access to explore the buildings inside and out.

Visitors were treated to a freebee when John Balasoglou, the Architectural books aficionado from Aalto Books, opened the courtyard gate and welcomed us to the neighbouring Twin House, a finalist for home of the year by Scarlet Architects.

There is nothing like exploring a building in person, if you missed this tour make sure you get in fast for the next one.

View the full gallery of the tour, Photography provided by Tatiana Zimina

Special thanks to Architecture + Women for organising this years Architecture Week.


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