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August 12, 2013

The future of the Lion Breweries buildings, Newmarket

Exciting times lay ahead for the University of Auckland and Newmarket.

Racking up to $300m in debt for its largest construction project ever, the University of Auckland is steaming ahead with the demolition of the old Lion-Nathan breweries buildings. Construction of the new engineering building is expected to begin in a few months, and should completed by the end of 2014.

The 5.2 hectare site secures the universities growth for the next 30 to 40 years, firstly absorbing the Tamaki campus, followed by Epsom in around 2020.

It is a great opportunity to bring alive what has long been a vacuum, kicking local streets back to life socially and commercially. Newmarket will need to cater to thousands of students and research staff, meaning more places for night life, whining (students excel at this) and dining. Socially, Newmarket will need to improve, hopefully this development will bring it.

Commercially, there could be a supporting industry develop around the university to provide resources and specialist services to research programmes. Wynyard quarter may have to fight to keep its title as the innovation precinct.

Architecturally, there are so many possibilities. Firstly, what we dont need are more of the typical office park buildings like those seen on Carlton Gore road, behold:

Offices on carlton gore

Straight out of a suburban office park utopia… Faith is held that the University of Auckland will employ better taste.

What is shown on the university of Auckland’s web page for this stage of the development, is the following little picture.


It shows 3 buildings, at an indistinguishable resolution, on the railway edge of the site in amongst a sea of concrete. If you have come across any more information, please drop a link in the comments below

Keep yours eyes out for more information, we eagerly await.

The University of Auckland has put up a page about their acquisition, with an interesting history of the Newmarket site:

Auckland University Newmarket Campus information

Featured image source: blog page

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  1. Paul Litterick

    I understand there will be a courtyard, around which various departments will have their offices. Engineering will be at one end of the site; accommodation at the other. No input from the School of Architecture and Planning has been sought by the University. No doubt the courtyard will be named after Stuart McCutcheon, the Vice-Chancellor.

  2. Alastair McKenzie

    It would have been wise to tap into the talent at the School of Architecture and Planning. Thanks for your feedback

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