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August 25, 2013

Shared thoughts | The revival of Lower Queen Street

Auckland Transport Blog have added some great points to those raised by the New Zealand Herald article published last Sunday; public transport growth and the revitalization of places like Britomart, Wynyard Quarter and Fort St have helped drive the growth of Lower Queen street. 

Retail figures are on the upwards trend, with new high end retail shops on the way. Why choose lower Queen street over Upper Queen St, or a suburban mall. The mall is a common format for the creation of retail places, it provides shoppers with choice, and shop owners with foot traffic, although the enclosed spatial experience is often felt lacking. New shops are hitting lower Queen street because of increased foot traffic.

Lower Queen street attracts higher foot traffic for a multitude of reasons; more people are arriving by bus, the cruise industry is booming but it is the development of places that is going to hold a lasting impact. The attractive pulling power which brings people to a place for a purpose or a lifestyle occasion.

The revitalized Britomart, Wynyard Quarter and the now pedestrian friendly Fort street offer people more choice, and a higher quality spatial experience. You can now walk around Fort street and experience its full width, no longer relegated to a thin path and threatened while crossing, but on equal standing. Lifting that pressure and providing pedestrians with a generous space has produced a relaxed atmosphere.


 (Image source: Transport Blog, Matt L)

The improvements made at Britomart Precinct and Wynyard Quarter are models for development in Auckland. These are large areas of urban land guided by a comprehensive vision and developed with quality architecture. The careful co-ordination of design to create a place which it attractive to the public for many purposes and lifestyle activities is what has bought these places to life. Further more, people are offered with an ever improving public transport system to deliver them there.



Now imagine the impact a waterfront would have on bringing lower Auckland alive. 

Articles and brief summaries:

NZ Herald: Ships and Shoppers drive lower Queen St revamp

Lower Queen street is attracting new high end and boutique shops, due to increased foot traffic at levels the highest since 2009.

The booming cruise industry is delivering ever increasing groups of tourists to lower Queen street, up from 19,400 passengers in 1996-1997 season to 214,000 passengers in the 2012-2013 season.

The redevelopment of Shed 10 and the deepening of the northern berth at the Fergusson Container Terminal will help cope with increased numbers.

Auckland transport blog: Lower Queen St the place to be for retailers

Following the upgrades to Fort St and neighboring streets, there has been a 400% boost in hospitality. Including the great development of Imperial Lane.

So why lower Queen street, as suggested by the Herald its about foot traffic numbers. Transport Blog brings up a great point that was missed by the Herald, it is that there are now over 34,000 people getting off buses in the CBD, up from 21,000 in 2001.

The Britomart precinct revitalization is helping drive this change, along with other share spaces and pedestrian freindly places like the Viaduct and Wynyard.

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