1. vomit

    vomit |ˈvämət| verb
    eject matter from the stomach through the mouth:
    1 matter vomited from the stomach.
    2 an emetic.

  2. xx

    Moneo is crying in a corner somewhere out there.

  3. A. Mckenzie

    In this location, so close to our waterfront? It only goes to show our real connection with the water. I like the photo showing the car perusing its view of the harbor, if only we humans could afford it.
    Its a giant dead block, with little activity for people to enjoy – a poor follow through from the atrium on takutai.

  4. A

    apparently planned and designed to be apartments……but last minute calculation decided on carparks….would love to have witnessed that change of use application with council planners….watch this space for the 5 star hotel project change of use…. carpark

    Apparently the Gym is awesome???

  5. polly

    Its a joke right ? copy and paste from some design magazines to create a veneer of “architecture” to hide the ugly truth …..if the fee is right why not. In this case beauty is not even skin deep. In that sense maybe it truly is an honest expression of Aucklands cultural plight a and should be given an award……. A Polished turd award.

  6. polly

    is shag it mean its good? or bag it mean its good ?

  7. Jeff W

    Everything about this project is tragically bad, from the very idea that carparking was an approporiate use on this site to the tasteless architectural facadery pretending they (the cars) are not there.

  8. AAA

    @ Polly – Shag in the Austin Powers sense of the word is certainly a vote for something great.

  9. Trav

    So sad that there is no continuation from the axial pedestrian way created all the way from the post office to… a bunch of orange markers on the cobbled street in front of takutai atrium, then this… when there could have been a lovely lane of ice cream parlours, bars and cafe’s for revellers on their way home from vector / office workers on their way to gym / locals on way to supermarket… but now all that occupies the lane (known as “Te ara tahuhu walkway”) is vehicular access to this carpark, judder bars, a weird karaoke bar, a shisha bong joint… and a few plants.
    I would really have hoped for some future development along this alley, but with the odd storied carparking levels preventing the opening of shops here, seemingly, to contain britomart to its defined walls, this carpark was strategically designed and placed to prevent anything competing with the precinct on its eastern boundary.

  10. popeye

    i don’t want to defend this building but the die was cast when the Scene apartments’ developer dumped a height constraint on the waterfront site then flogged it off damning those who followed to making a vast concrete pancake. Nice as it is to believe Trav’s theory of strategic design, alas like much else of the city this bit has evolved through witless planning and idiotic land laws that allow the dead hand of view protecting covenants to determine a critical bit of cityscape.

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