1. A. Mckenzie

    In comparison to the britomart carpark building this one is a shag. It has some active interface, its set back from the pedestrian realm, and has a far more interesting facade. The vertical slats on the 2 level building are a bit of a mess though.

  2. A

    Such a prominent site…what were they thinking…….what other city in the world would accept this shit…..and when are the commercial Architects going to grow some nuts……this site should never have been a carpark ……and the broken gesture retail frontage just makes it all the more laughable….

  3. miko

    shag the faceted form
    bag the materiality
    bag the box out the front

  4. Phil

    Its not that bad, but it is. Love – hate
    Shag it for the waterproof cover it gives cars.
    Bag it for the confusing signage at the entrance.
    Bag and Bag it for looking like a bloody great big net curtain from an old state house in Whangerei.
    Shag it for not looking like carpark immediately.
    Lame attempt to link it with the entrance to the hospital and provide covered pedestrian access.
    My advice, don get sick, don’t go there and it won’t bother you so much

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