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July 3, 2012

AAA Construction Site Tour | Turua Street | St Heliers

The AAA invites you to step inside and tour three sites within Auckland’s CBD.  A rare peek at some of Auckland’s latest architecture, the first opportunity to view these buildings before construction ends.  The first tour of Geyser by Patterson Associates in Parnell was a sell out and well enjoyed by those who attended (view post event write up and video).  The third tour, upcoming, will be of the ASB Business Building, Wynyard Quarter by BVN Architecture & Jasmax.

Second TourTurua Street, St Heliers

Second Tour – Turua Street, St Heliers – hosted by the Auckland Architecture Association, the architects Cook Sargisson & Pirie and the contractor Federal Group.  This mixed use St Heliers Bay development was conceived as a low-key, loose fit interface between the existing low-scale shopping precinct and the neighboring three storied 7B apartment zone.

Lead Architect Marshall Cook will be providing an introduction to the project ahead of each tour.

Register for Turua Street – AAA Construction Site Tour

First Flight – 10.00 AM – July 21, 2012 – Allocation Exhausted

Second Flight – 11.00 AM – July 21, 2012 – Allocation Exhausted

Covered shoes are a requirement
Tour begins on Turua Street
No photography inside the building

NZRAB 10CPD Points
ADNZ 2CPD Points (1 design, 1 construction)

$30 per registration
$15 for students and recent graduates (3yrs)

Due to limits to the numbers of people we can have on site at once, tours are conducted in staggered groups – hence there may be some waiting around.

After filling out the registration form you will be directed to a credit card online payment system (PayPal) – your registration is not complete until you have paid.



  1. julie jolly

    i used to live in one of these 3 houses pulled down for this building…..i was there in the early 70’s………the house was white with blue paint and a boat on the front…

  2. Richard Sullivan

    My grand parents also lived in one of the houses pulled down. They were there in late 60s to early 70s and I spent quite a bit of time there with them. The houses were a lovely art deco style and I can’t imagine how planning permission was obtained to demolish them…

  3. NS

    I’m looking forward to this tour.

    I’m very keen to see this top quality architectural development by non other than Marshall Cook which will no doubt enhance Herne Bay (edit St Heliers) and revitalise its small shopping area. Hopefully it will prompt similarly high quality improvement to the adjoining properties (particularly towards the beach end). This site, given its zoning and location within a small shopping area – is no place for stand along housing. A couple of people living on such a large and valuable site (in an intended to be denser area) makes little sense.

  4. A. Mckenzie

    Densification at work. Queen street once had stand alone houses on it, with a river runner down the middle. Im glad the city is growing up, not out, it is the momentum of the city – economics at work. The Architect facilitates it and tries to deliver the best solution. In this case a sad and inevitable consequence of this is demolition.
    I believe what is rising will better contribute to the street and quality of public life in the area. Densification can lead to more activity and diversity – this is what makes the city fun and the suburbs the personal/family retreat.
    Cook Sargisson & Pirie are top quality architects, so im interested to see what they have done and hear the story behind the building.

  5. Margaret

    NS – The suburb in question is St Heliers, not Herne Bay. A.Mckenzie – your opinion is at odds with 90% of the residents of St Heliers who value their existing village environment more than proposed developments (statistic from comprehensive independent survey of 1,500 residents). I say the opinions of those who live there and understand their built environment have a far greater weight than those of money making developers, and architects like Marshall Cook who described the residents of St Heliers as “thick as pig sh..”. He made that extraordinarily unprofessional statement in a public presentation to the membership of AAA. The esteem you hold Mr Cook in is not shared by many in this suburb.

  6. Toby

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