1. Kate

    As with critiquing any building you want to know the site, context and conditions of the brief. However it seems that “Shag or Bag” is not about that. From the images the building looks fairly generic, simple and its only point of ‘difference’ is the structure around the base. It would have been more interesting if this was carried throughout the building more, with enough transparency from the outside to see how that structure works with spaces inside.
    Im not won over by this building…

  2. S. Carter

    The building is part of a gateway to Auckland & NZ, and will form a first impression of our city. While a commercial development cannot be required to consider things like that, its the end result either way.

  3. NS

    I’m in 5 minds about this one.

    Its a building plonked smack within a carpark with little or no reference to it’s immediate context. (oh, other than it sits near the international terminal gates). No real connection to the airport itself. I suppose W&M didn’t want their building to touch the terminal building – ew germs – and fair enough.

    It has an interesting aesthetic. A bit more than a rectangle. Haven’t really seen this sorta thing in AKL or NZ. Unique maybe. I heard it was a copy. But – as an Aucklander and knowing the area – an aesthetic very out of place – the Architects have lost sight/site a bit in this regard. More and more I fell like W&M are creating their own little bubble – it would pay for them to get out a little more.

    However, as an international visitor, straight of a plane, quite impressive. And I guess that was the brief.

    What I do really like about this one (I have visited it) is that it does feel like something of quality – (leaving context out of it) this does feel Architecturally clean, well resolved and tidily detailed. There are some really nice elements and enjoyable moments. It has a presence (all be it an introspective selfish one), it has a character.

    Best of all, the “kiwiana” is subtle and reserved. This idea that we must theme our buildings for tourists so tackily NZ or Maori pains me – its so tacky – Architects as most of the visitors to our buildings have more intelligence than this. Clouds, Weaving, Embracing Arms – none of that – phew. Green Wall – Tick.

    Overall – A Good Shag! At the end of the day this is a piece of Architecture which surpasses the norm. More please W&M.

  4. Peter Tavare

    If anyone has seen/stayed in a number of airport hotels around the world, the Novotel AKL Airport is truly outstanding. You could stay there without any need to catch a flight, such is the quality of the accommodation, the style, the art, concept and vision (not to mention a rather good restaurant). Asia Pacific seems to have redefined airport hotels. Just look at hotels such as Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and Novotel Citygate in Hong Kong…these hotels could be in the city centre, such is their quality. But I think the acknowledgement of Maori history and culture of Novotel Akl Airport makes it very special. It is not tokenism but inherent in everything the hotel does.

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