November 16, 2011

The Cloud


Architects: Jasmax
Completed: 2011
Location: Queens Wharf

The Cloud - Shag It or Bag It?

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  1. Frustrated Bob

    Suitable for a party – but parties never last forever !
    Cheap, nasty and temporary – it frustrates me that some people want this tent to remain.
    Has little respect of context (a ‘cloud’ is a poor justification for context). This thing is on the water, how come when your inside you are completely unaware of the water surrounding you.
    Lacks any enduring character – it is (as designed), a throw away toy. “Condom on the Wharf” was a better name, you defiantly have to throw that one away after use.
    Get rid of it. Bag Bag Bag!

  2. ST

    Created to be temporary – lets keep it that way. Stick with the plan to have something special and not just a blow up cloud but something with substance that can make us proud. Bag the tent!

  3. Al

    It was good during the RWC, i understand why its Bag-able, but the public responded quite well to this. I vote a shag, as long as it is temporary to fill the need, which it did, but now must go to allow a more well considered design for a long term public space

  4. Nick

    I made it onto Queens Wharf twice during the RWC (other times it was packed with people – as public wharlfs should be).

    Both times I ended up in the Shed. It had a warmth and richness to its interior – it was comfortable, a sharp contrast to the harshness of the interior of the cloud. Additionally, the Shed had beer. I also note minimal effort had been put in to restore the shed. The upper level was inaccessible.

  5. A

    Like the add for Bourbon so clearly articulates…” It aint Architecture”

  6. Jeremy

    Not an enjoyable space to be in or around. The spaces were cramped and it was dislocated from the wharf. It was like a roadway covered and walled in.

  7. N

    The interior was way too narrow for viewing rugby – you had to climb over people lying on the floor to get anywhere useful like toilets or the food offer at the back. But it is a nice object I suppose.

  8. Geoff Houtman

    A present to the people of Christchurch.

    Pack it and send it asap…

  9. sam

    A bad case of form over function – it’s attractive from the outside but one giant bottleneck inside. Designing it with just a few meters more width would really have helped. The larger revivification of that wharf area is nice though. People are using the wood chaises, fishing off the end of the wharf and walking around the Cloud and Shed to enjoy the view. Migt be nice to hold the expo’s in the Shed and replace the Cloud with more user friendly elements e.g.: restrooms, food trucks, a small band shell, a permanent fair with rides, even just a small carousel…a platform to view the shipping are to the East? In fact just pick up that useless platform at Wynyard (why does anyone want to look at the top of chemical plants?) and stick it where the Cloud is – assuming the height will allow viewers to look over the shed to the cranes etc.

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