November 16, 2011

Telecom Place


Architects: Warren & Mahoney, and Architectus
Completed: 2010
Location: Victoria St West

Telecom Place - Shag It or Bag It?

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  1. Voter 99

    Worth a Shag.
    Better on the inside.
    There could have been a little more privilege of the Victoria St entry and a more active roadside/pedestrian edge.
    Hardingie St entry court is superb, so long as you know to find it.

  2. Al

    Nice building from what ive seen, only a brief wander through which leads me to agree with Voter 99, its better on the inside – a fairly simple, clean exterior

  3. A

    I’ve always felt sorry for people who are cooped up in huge office buildings all day…the fluorescent lights and air conditioning system catering for nobody in particular….but this building challenges all those preconceptions….I did a tour on it’s opening day and seriously impressive inroads have been made here with the quality of the interior working environment. The exterior is merely an expression of those systems…take another look…then shag away….

  4. N

    The interiors are the icing on the cake. They were by Warren and Mahoney, I believe.

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