November 16, 2011

Kings Square Apartments


Architect/Designer: L&Y Holdings
Completed: 2009
Location: Corner of Broadway & Remuera Rd, Newmarket

Kings Square Apartments - Shag It or Bag It?

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  1. Al

    Tad depressing. Whats going on with the truck entrance! Could be better

  2. Nick

    @Al, “Could be better” . . . don’t you mean “Couldn’t be worse”.

  3. Adam

    This development is another of Aucklands great traversties. Opportunities like this that are given over to the incompetent are fine and dandy if we are talking about a temporary building like the Cloud…..but this thing is permanent …..and apparently human Beings are being asked to inhabitant this building.

    On every level this building is wrong…street appeal zero…durability zero….I mean if you arrived from another planet and the first thing you saw was this building…..what would you imagine the creatures inside would be like…..ask yourself.

  4. kitty

    This building has nothing to offer the public. The fact that these things can keep happening in Auckland city shows the crudeness of the market, the lack of responsibility to the public of the developers, the lack of professionalism on the part of the architects, lack of vision and influence by the territorial authorities, and in general the absense of people who care enough. This is an embaressemnt that all Aucklanders share. We should do better.

  5. John

    This is a real shocker. It has ruined Newmarket. Not only does this abomination loom large over Broadway but it dominates all approaches to Newmarket. It is a travesty of town planning. But the problem for us as a city is what sort of a veto could/should there be on ugliness vs the right of the individual to express their own sense of taste (or lack of)? The Council are supposed to be the guardians of the desigbn of the city and however you look at it there has been a failure here.

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