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November 5, 2011

AAA Submissions on the Auckland Draft Plan

The Auckland Architecture Association have made two submissions on the Auckland Draft Plan, Auckland City Masterplan and Waterfront Plan.

The AAA applauds the bold direction the Auckland Draft Plans set to make Auckland “the worlds most livable city”. A clear set of goals and leading objectives have been set which provide a positive foundation on which the Auckland Plan can develop for the benefit of all Aucklanders.

Submission on the Draft Auckland City Masterplan and Waterfront Plan

In this submission a selection of key proposals in the plan are disscussed which we are either in support and wish to applaud – or not in support as the proposals do not meet the greater aims of plan and do not fairly consider greater Auckland and its inhabitants.

The bullet points below are in summery of the submission:

  • The AAA DOES NOT SUPPORT the development of a Cruise Ship Terminal on Queens Wharf!
    • Poor Public Access to Queens Wharf
    • An Entire Wharf of Tourist Buses and Taxis
    • Scale Inappropriate
    • Harbour and Island Views Denied
    • Negative Flow on Effects
    • Shift to the West
  • The AAA DOES NOT SUPPORT the Intended Expansion of the Ports!
    • Harbour and Island Views Denied
    • The Proposed Port Extension will ‘Bottleneck’ our Harbour
    • Infrastructural Implications
    • The Port Should Not be Exempt from Standard Development Process or Realistic Assessment of Effects
  • The AAA SUPPORT the general proposal for Wynyard Quarter!
    • Outstanding Areas of Concern
  • The AAA SUPPORT the Rail Loop Network!
    • Interested and Curious
  • Lets Not Get Too Carried Away!
    • Auckland’s Identity and Culture
    • Engage Architects

Download the AAA’s Submission on the draft Auckland City Master Plan and Waterfront Plan

Submission on the Draft Plan

This submission comments on a number of the written directives in the Draft Auckland Plan to reaffirm the importance and role of the Auckland’s Architects and Creative Industries in realising the Councils primary aim to create “the worlds most livable city”.

Download the AAA’s Submission on the draft Auckland Plan

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  1. Sarah

    wow, i had no idea that the port was going to extend so far! Our view of Rangitoto would be exchanged for a tower of containers! That would be terrible. And with the cruise ship terminal on Queens wharf, it would kill such an awesome space that should be for the public, as you mentioned in the submission, it would have a heap of other flow on effects as well.
    Keep up the good work

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  3. Ben

    I have just read your submission to the Draft Auckland City and Waterfront Master Plans.

    A very interesting submission with mentions of Port of Auckland and Wynyard Quarter.

    With Wynyard Quarter – I am curious to know what the AAA proposes or ideas that the association might have for Wynyard Quarter? When I was a first year Masters student in the Auckland Uni Planning Department, my urban design lecturer asked us to “redesign” a piece of the Auckland Waterfront to which I chose Wynyard Quarter. http://www.scribd.com/doc/74868662/Wynyard-Quarter-Idea#fullscreen Ok I am no urban designer and this was my first ever shot at something like this but you see my own idea of mixed use across the board including building towards the headland.

    As with Port of Auckland – apart from being a fiery there are some questions that do need to be seriously asked.
    Should we relocate the port in its entirety out of the CBD/Waterfront area to somewhere else and open the land up for some very high potential mix use development. That including a Cruise Ship Terminal around where the current container wharves are – surrounded by premier commercial, residential and public space spaces/facilities.

    All things we all need to have a hard (but not too long) think about as we now begin our submissions for the action plan – Draft Long Term Plan.

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Ben

    Just out of interest – this came from ACIL to me this morning about some questions I had raised about POAL last month to the Council.

    The answer to question five was most interesting to see and in my opinion of concern to Auckland Ratepayers and other concerned groups out there

    The letter http://www.scribd.com/doc/83571719/ACIL-Letter0001

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